Incoggo blocks all the annoying stuff on the Internet that you hate.

No more ads, trackers, paywalls, or malware.

It's the world's first "universal blocker".

Trusted by users in 100+ countries
Incoggo - Free ad blocker for paywalls - read WSJ, WaPo, etc | Product Hunt
Incoggo - Free ad blocker for paywalls - read WSJ, WaPo, etc | Product Hunt

How it Works

1. Simple Installation

It just takes a few clicks to add to your computer and it's 100% free.

2. Browse Like Normal

We'll automatically block ads, trackers, malware, paywalls, and more as you browse.

3. Enjoy a Better Internet

Incoggo works like magic; you can just sit back and relax.


Up to 20x faster Internet browsing.

A quantum leap in blocking technology, Incoggo enables browsing speeds up to 20x faster than with “naked” Chrome, and 2x faster than Chrome with uBlock Origin installed.


Not just Chrome.

Unlike other blockers, Incoggo works everywhere. All your apps + browsers, from Safari to Firefox to Edge – even desktop apps like Slack, Spotify, Mail and Discord – are supported. Incoggo even works when you’re in incognito mode.


Go beyond ad blocking.

Incoggo blocks far more than just ads; with Incoggo, trackers, malware, paywalls, and cryptojacking are things of the past. If you’ve got other app requests, let us know on Twitter.

Apps included with Incoggo


Block Ads

No more annoying, spammy, scammy advertisements.


Block Paywalls

Millions of blogs and articles. No paywalls.


Block Malware

Stop phishing attempts in their tracks. Prevent viruses before they happen.


Block Trackers

Prevent apps and sites (and even your OS) from spying on you.


Block Cryptojacking

Don’t let malicious crypto miners hijack your CPU and bandwidth.

Get Incoggo for Windows

Be the first to experience a better Internet.

Available Now: Mac |
 Coming Soon: Windows
Available Now: Mac
 Coming Soon: Windows