✨ Version: 1.0.555 ✨

Version 1.0.555 of Incoggo is available. Read more to learn about what updates were made!


  • Re-organized dropdown main menu for simplicity.
  • Added emojis to the dropdown main menu! Yay! 🎉
  • Sped up initial application start-up time – it should start ~50% faster now! 🏎️
  • Added ‘Advanced’ options to ‘System’ menu (Block Paywalls, Launch at Startup, and Automatic Relaunch are now configurable – thanks for the feedback on this JC & Kush!).
  • Fixed several user-reported issues (i.e. specific sites malfunctioning while Incoggo is running (thanks to Tommy, Lexi, Jerry, & Raymond!)).
  • Made application more reliable (added process ‘supervisor’) & fixed issue where occasionally duplicate processes would launch / the update process would crash.
  • Fixed launch from DMG bug (it used to just launch anyway after giving you a warning, now it actually won’t launch from there).
  • Made ‘rescue’ script more robust / reliable (relevant for critical install failures).
  • Fixed bug where after updating, the application would auto-unpause immediately. 🐛
  • Added notifications for interactions that previously lacked feedback (like changing the ‘Update’ channel).
  • Added ‘Share’ section to the dropdown main menu – please use this! 🙏
  • Changed up ‘Pause Options’ for simplicity (removed some options; added others — there’s now 1 hour (Quick Pause), 1 Day, 1 Week, and Indefinite).
  • Various (non-user facing) core platform fixes & improvements.
  • Very special thanks to all of our beta testers who have helped & supported us through this round of fixes!!!

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