🎇 Incoggo is Live! 🎇

Incoggo is now available for Mac users! Read more about the launch in this blog post.

Hi there! Marianne and Ian here – creators of Incoggo – a free adblocker for paywalls.

After months of writing code, conducting user interviews, and putting in long hours filled with sweat & tears, Incoggo is now available for Mac (Windows coming soon)! With Incoggo, you can read NYTimes, WSJ, WaPo, Bloomberg, and more for free!

We built Incoggo after facing personal frustration with paywalls and lack of access to information. We believe in a free & open Internet, and want to recapture some of that early Internet magic we once knew and loved. ✨

How Does Incoggo Work?

Incoggo is a free adblocker for paywalls. Simply, this means that once you install Incoggo, it runs quietly in the background, automatically unlocking articles for you. Easy-to-use, no fancy bells or whistles! See for yourself how easy it is to use (download here).

🗞️ What Publications Does Incoggo Unlock?

Currently, Incoggo unlocks the following publications (with more to come!):

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Bloomberg
  • The Atlantic
  • The Economist
  • Wired
  • The Washington Post
  • Financial Times
  • Harvard Business Review
  • The New Yorker
  • Vogue
  • Los Angeles Times
  • National Geographic
  • Billboard
  • The Telegraph

If you’ve got publication requests, let us know on Twitter! We’ll prioritize which publications to unlock based on the number of requests we receive.

Is Incoggo for me?

If you’re tired of seeing the “you have reached your monthly limit” paywall, then Incoggo is perfect for you.

🔗 Ready to Download Incoggo? 
🙏 Thanks for checking out Incoggo! 

If you do download Incoggo, we’d love to hear your feedback and learn about ways we can make Incoggo better. Additionally, feel free to let us know what publications you’d like to see next! We prioritize which publications we unlock based on popularity.

Happy Reading 📖,

Marianne & Ian

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