✨ Version: 1.0.574 ✨

Version 1.0.574 of Incoggo is available. Read more to learn about what other updates were made!


  • Added new publications:
    ■ Vanity Fair 🎊
    ■ Fortune 💰
    ■ MIT Technology Review 💻
  • Switched Release Notes to be on available on incoggo.com vs. some other random place 🤔
  • Fixed a user-reported compatibility bug with Outlook & OneDrive.  📫 
  • Fixed an install issue where valid email addresses would be rejected. 🙌
  • Fixed a major issue with auto-updates on older installs of Incoggo. 😐
  • Fixed a few minor user reported issues. 🐛
  • And as usual, various (non-user facing) core platform fixes & improvements. 🙄

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