✨ Version: 1.0.590 ✨

Version 1.0.590 of Incoggo is available. Read more to learn about what other updates were made!


  • Added several new publications:
    ■ Business Insider 💼
    ■ Time
    ■ Forbes 💰
    ■ Fast Company 💨
  • Unfortunately, we had to remove support for NYTimes in this release. 😥
  • Fixed bugs with Bloomberg and The Economist. 🐛
  • Fixed user-reported compatibility bugs with updates to MacOS via the settings panel, the MacUpdater app, and Twitter for Mac. 🐦
  • Fixed a bug with the uninstall tool where the certificate wouldn’t be removed correctly (it now will be removed)… but please don’t leave us… we love you!! 🙏 ❤️
  • Removed the loud ‘version update’ notification (we received several notes from users that they didn’t love it). Updates will now happen quietly (like with Chrome, Firefox, etc.). You can still check which version of Incoggo you’re using via the dropdown menu bar though. 🔕 😄
  • Fixed a few minor user reported issues. 🐛
  • And as usual, various (non-user facing) core platform fixes & improvements. 🙄

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