✨ Version: 1.0.612 ✨

Version 1.0.612 of Incoggo is available. Read more to learn about what other updates were made!


  • 612 IS A HUGE UPDATE!!! WOOO!!!!
    In this version of Incoggo, we’ve added in ‘Beta’ versions of 4 (yes 4!!) new blocking apps (in addition to the existing ‘🗞️  Block Paywalls’ app). They are:

    ■ Block Ads 🙈 
    (this is host-based Pi-Hole style adblocking only for now… but there’ll be a v2 coming soon… 😉 )
    🔥🔥🔥  BTW – this adblocker app is BLAZING fast 🔥🔥🔥. Like up 2x faster than uBlock Origin in our tests (and up to 20x faster than no blocking at all!!  🔥🔥🔥). It’s very arguably the fastest way to browse the web that exists today. 🔥🔥🔥
    ■ Block Cryptojacking 🤑
    (host-based blocking)
    ■ Block Malware 👹
    (also host-based blocking)
    ■ Block Tracking 👀
    (also also host-based blocking)

    While these apps aren’t enabled by default (yet) on update or install, you can manually enable them via the all new ‘🍎  Apps’ section in the UI if you want to use them now.

  • There’s a redesigned menu-bar UI to account for the new ‘Apps’-centric approach. 🎉
  • There’s an all-new ‘🔗  Get Started’ link in under the ‘Support’ sub-menu. 👶
  • We changed how links work within the app so they should break far less often now… 😬
  • Sooooooo many (non-user facing) core platform fixes & improvements (mostly to enable all these new apps!). 🙄
  • Plus, y’know… there’s a whole new version number and all… 😜

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