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Incoggo - Free ad blocker for paywalls - read NYTimes, WSJ, WaPo, etc | Product Hunt
Incoggo - Free ad blocker for paywalls - read NYTimes, WSJ, WaPo, etc | Product Hunt

Why settle for paywalls?

(Especially when you don’t have to.)

Move the slider. See the difference.

How it Works

1. Simple Installation

It just takes a few clicks to add to your computer and it's 100% free.

2. Browse Like Normal

We'll automatically unlock articles as you browse. You can just sit back and relax.

3. Access Unlimited Articles

There's no limit to how many articles you can read with Incoggo.


Get unlimited access to popular publications.

Incoggo is completely free-to-use and unlocks premium articles featured in the most popular publications.

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More reliable than clearing cookies...

Opening an incognito window, creating a new account, changing your IP address, or clearing your cache. Incoggo seamlessly unlocks articles that these methods simply can’t.

We also unlock more articles than any third-party browser extensions.

Unlocked publications

Be the first to know when we unlock other publications.

If you’ve got publication requests, let us know on Twitter. We’ll prioritize which publications to unlock based on the number of requests we receive.

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Get Incoggo for Windows

Read millions of blogs and articles. No paywalls.

Available Now: Mac |
 Coming Soon: Windows
Available Now: Mac
 Coming Soon: Windows