Block Malware

Stop phishing attempts in their tracks. Prevent viruses before they happen.

Make your computer immune to hackers.

Ransomware, remote access, and phishing attacks are on the rise. Block Malware makes it easy to protect yourself (and your data) before the unthinkable happens.

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Block Malware FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Block Malware is a free malware-protection / antivirus app for Incoggo that enables you to protect yourself against malicious sites and downloads. Block Malware is a great free alternative to apps like Avast, Norton, Bitdefender, or McAfee.

If you want to protect yourself against harmful sites, email, and downloads, then Block Malware is perfect for you.

Block Malware isn’t enabled by default when you install Incoggo, but after installing Incoggo, you can easily set Block Malware to ‘Enabled’ in the dropdown ‘Apps’ menu. After enabling the app, simply browse the Internet normally and Block Malware will automatically protect you from visiting harmful sites or downloading anything from malicious links!

Block Malware currently uses ‘host’-based blocking methods (so in practice, it works similarly to many other ‘endpoint security’ solutions). Typically, this means Block Malware will prevent harmful sites from being visited, malicious software from being downloaded, and links in many phishing emails from being opened.

Coverage. Unlike browser-based malware-prevention / antivirus tools, Block Malware works everywhere, not just in your browser. Block Malware automatically works across all your browsers and desktop apps. This even includes incognito / private browsing modes and your desktop mail application.

Easy to use. Unlike Pi-Hole, Block Malware is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Just install Incoggo, enable the app, and you’re good to go. Block Malware is also portable — it works everywhere you are — not just on your home network.

Yes — Block Malware is 100% free, and always will be!

Yes! It works on every browser and in private/incognito mode.

Yes! Block Malware can prevent viruses and malware from being downloaded beyond your browser — including preventing malware delivery via desktop applications and preventing email clients from opening phishing links or harmful attachments 😄

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